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The sacrifice of the Eucharist is open to everyone. The Church permits its faithful to more closely associate with this sacrifice through a specific intention which the presiding priest will add to the general intention.


A Mass can be requested:

  • To give thanks for newlyweds, for silver or gold wedding anniversaries…
  • For a baptism, for the birth of a new baby boy or girl, for a birthday…
  • For the recently deceased or on the anniversary of a death…
  • For the sick, for healing, for a person in difficulties…
  • For a specific personal intention (left unmentioned in the interest of discretion)

During the service, the person – living or deceased – is generally only mentioned at the appropriate time.


There is no charge for the Mass. However, since the origins of the Church, he faithful have looked to participate in the Eucharist through donations – either in kind or monetary. In this way they are able to show their appreciation for the Church’s prayers and help to maintain priests and ensure the upkeep of the temple and the entire church.

A donation can be made when a Mass is requested. Contributions can also be made when collections are taken up during the Mass. The suggested donation when requesting a Mass is 10€.

How to request a Mass

Contact the sacristy.

Groups that wish to have a Mass said specifically for them or that wish to join one of the habitual services should contact the secretary‘s office of the Cathedral.